The Company

The GST service operates to victory in the field of wrapping and packaging of fruit and vegetables.

Despite being a young company has behind the history of the family fountain that since the early 1900s has always worked in agriculture vittoriese. With a structure of more than one thousand square meters and it is capable of working and packing any product of fruits and vegetables for the account of their numerous customers who have immediately understood the operating capabilities of the GST Service.

Thanks to a machining system fully automated, computerised and to a technical staff of over fifty persons you work the GST Service is able to satisfy any type of requirement of its customers, which can count on the rapidity of machining and of the high quality of the offered service in order to be able to present their products to the large organized distribution in full respect of the provisions of the laws in force at European level.

The GST Service of Fontana is certainly the best partner to whom to entrust the processing and packaging of fruit and vegetable products, for the speed with which it is able to operate. Ensures a machining equal to seventy pallets per day, also has a vast refrigerated zone for the storage of goods awaiting processing, thus guaranteeing the absolute preservation of the products entrusted to the packaging.

Machining Systems

With two modern systems of packaging products of fruits and vegetables and a computerized system for the labelling of packages. The GST Service ensures the maximum in terms of efficiency, quality and elegance in the presentation of their products.

The packaging of the products takes place in accordance with the provisions of the customers, can be performed on various shapes and sizes both plastic and cardboard thermo-sealed in cardboard boxes custom. All with predetermined weights from five hundred grams or a kilo per tray.

Each tray is labeled in computerized way. The label shows the entire history of the product. The producer, packaging, the expiration date, the batch of reference etc…

The products to be packaged may be delivered by producers with own means or withdrawn directly with the means of the company. During the processing the staff performs a check of the quality of the goods by allocating to the packaging only products fruit and vegetables best and suitable to the target markets.

Tipologie di prodotti 

The GST Service Is your business partner to give shape and elegance to your products.