The history

The GST Service was born from a long history. A story that is worth knowing. It is the history of a Family Fontana.

The Family Fontana has a centuries-old tradition in the field of agriculture. Practically has lived and worked in agriculture in all historical periods that have characterized the latter century handing this passion from father to son.

The grandfather, Epifanio Fontana, began its activity of farmer by implanting vineyards in large plots of land for the production of grapes and wine, continuing in this field up to the outbreak of the Second World War.

The time passed and the world changed around him. While working his fields in the beautiful land of Sicily, is spectator and protagonist of historical events intended to change the lives of all up to our days. See arrive Fascism and the Second World War, the Allied landing in ’43, the liberation from National Socialism, the end of the monarchy and the birth of the Italian Republic. Around its fields sees a new nation be born, and undertake the stroke toward the progress.
In the immediate post-war period, thanks to the innate entrepreneurial skills and realizing the potential offered by our land, begins the cultivation of tomatoes, cultivating large plots of land using techniques today entirely forgotten, such as the technique of cladodes Prickly Pear, before being placed above the seed, then raised and placed across the map and finally removed. At that point the tomato plant was linked to a barrel (technique of “cannizzate”) in order to encourage growth in the open air.

The family fountain was among the first in the area of vittoriese in founding the first nursery to produce seedlings from provide to other farmers ready to be engaged in the ground.

The Father, Rosario Fountain, continued with the same passion by implanting in the seventies the new structures of cultivation in the greenhouse. Always producer, has marketed its products both in the markets and the public. It has been the protagonist of the birth of a fruit and vegetable market of victory a huge structure organized for the purchase and sale of fruit and vegetables and today one of the most large and operating across Europe.

Practically the Family Fontana was the protagonist of a century of changes and upheavals productive and commercial agriculture vittoriese, from the fields to the greenhouses, by the fruit and vegetable market, the magazine for processing.

Giuseppe Fontana, today, manages the GST Service, a company which in short has established itself as one of the first companies in the packaging of fruit and vegetable products. Providing expertise and quality to all those producers and traders who need to keep pace with the times and offer their products to the large organized distribution, by packaging their products fruit and vegetables quickly and in packages pleasing and which fully comply with the rules in force in Europe.

The GST Service offers the service of packaging of fruit and vegetable products thanks to a structure of over 1000 square meters with suitable cell fridge for the storage of the goods. Thanks to modern equipment which is fitted to the packaging and labelling of products and to its technical staff specialized is able to work seventy footboards per day while ensuring the highest quality of service.

A story intended to continue… in the sign of the professionalism, experience and resourcefulness.